What Classic Car Should You Buy


Passion Meets Reason

At the time of this writing the title of most sought after classic car (depending on who is doing the ranking)  is tied between the Duke Boys’ beloved ‘68 Dodge Charger and the ‘69 Chevy Camaro.  Both are American muscle car classics, and both are enjoying a wild resurgence that will no doubt put some extra money in someone’s wallet, but you can’t predict what cars will increase in value and what cars will be in demand in a decade.  Remember, at the end of the day whether you say “Classic Car” or “Antique Car”, it means “Used Car” and they don’t always appreciate over time.

So I recommend buying a car that you’re passionate about in the here and now.  Even then there are a few factors that should be considered.  For starters; how do you want to use it?

What Do You Have Planned?

Obviously cars are meant to be driven and I’ve already advised against buying one to keep in storage in the vain hope it will triple in value.  What I mean to ask is do you want a car to immediately tool around town, letting all the “cool” kids see you (maybe picking up groceries, and running errands), or do you want a project. Something you can bring back to its former glory in your garage over the course of seemingly endless weekends?

What’s the Real Cost of a Classic?

Once you have that question answered you need to do some additional reality checks.  First you should find out how prevalent (and/or expensive) parts for your classic car are?  Not just for restoration work but just general maintenance.  Is something seemingly simple like a fuel filter that fits your car going to take months and your child’s college savings to get your hands on?

What about insurance?  Is your current insurance company likely to raise your rates because you have an “antique”?  

You Probably Aren’t Alone

My advice to you, before you even buy, is to hit the internet.  You will probably find an online community devoted exclusively to owning, restoring, and maintaining the exact vehicle you are looking for.  Their experiences and knowledge base will be absolutely invaluable to you.

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