Shipping for Affordable Classics Buyers

It Starts With A Promise

All freight companies domestic and international that Affordable Classics San Diego works with are bonded and insured.
Affordable Classic San Diego guarantees the safe arrival of your classic car.  Whether the destination is the other side of town, or  the other side of the world.

Tracking Your Shipment Every Step of the Way

If we see signs of a delay we’ll find out why and keep you informed. Until it’s in your possession we won’t rest. We know how long you’ve wanted your newly purchased classic car and how long you have been looking for it.

We Ship Cars Globally at Very Competitive Rates

Throughout the U.S.A. and Canada  — shipping can be arranged in either an enclosed or open trailer.
Worldwide  — vehicles can be shipped either in a container or roll on/roll off.

Offering You Shipping Choices

 Our service is always available to assist, but buyers are free to arrange shipping themselves. While our U.S. purchasers may wish to drive their vehicles home we remind you that all classic cars in our inventory are bought and sold in “as is” condition.  We recommend shipping your new car to your home.

All vehicles are sold with title and bill of sale. 
Contact us today for more information!
In the market for a classic car; check our inventory.  On the look out for something special; go to MY GARAGE and tell us to be on the look out.  Have a car you want to sell; tell us about it and we’ll give you an estimate.