The Best Way To Sell A Classic Car

The Best Way To Sell A Classic Car

Classic cars are a piece of history that many of us are passionate about. Seeing them restored and on display is exciting, but what do we do when it’s time to part with them? It’s not easy to let go of something we’ve cared for so deeply. When it’s time to sell, though, you want to be able to do it with confidence. In this blog, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of selling your classic car.

Selling Privately

One way to sell your classic car is to sell privately, which means you will handle everything yourself.

Pros of selling your classic car privately

Initially, selling your classic car privately may allow you to obtain a higher price than if you went through a dealership.

Secondly, selling to an individual tends to make the transaction more personal, making it more likely that the car is going to someone who will appreciate it as much as you have.

Additionally, in a private sale, you have more control over the selling process. This means you can set the asking price, vet potential buyers and schedule viewings in your own time.

You can also advertise the car according to your preferences, such as using social media platforms, local newspapers, or specialized classic car websites.

Cons of selling your classic car privately

Unfortunately, the risks can outweigh the potential benefits when selling a classic car privately. Selling a classic car online can attract scammers and fraudsters who prey on individuals who can be tricked into a fraudulent exchange.

Additionally, vetting the buyer can be challenging if you don’t know the person, and arranging for shipping and inspections can be costly and complicated.

Another downside is that the process can take longer and be more stressful than selling through a dealership. You will have to field inquiries from interested parties, arrange viewings, and hope that you can find a buyer willing to pay the price you are asking for.

You’ll also need to organize the paperwork, settle title transfers, deal with DMV requirements and hope that everything goes smoothly.

Selling at Auction

If selling privately is too much of a hassle,  another option to consider is selling your classic car at auction.

Pros of selling your classic car at auction

Selling your classic car at auction is the opportunity to showcase it to a larger audience.

Your car will have a much better chance of getting noticed by the right people and ultimately selling for a higher price than you might get through private sales.

When buyers like what they see, it encourages aggressive bidding wars. This often results in higher-than-expected prices for the seller.

Finally, selling your classic car at auction means you won’t have to deal with the haggling and negotiating that come with private sales. 

Cons of selling your classic car at auction

One of the biggest disadvantages of selling your classic car at auction is the fees and commissions involved. Most auction houses charge sellers a fee to enter their car into the auction, as well as a commission on the final sale price.

These fees can be significant, often reaching into the thousands of dollars, leaving you with less money than you might have expected.

Another downside of selling your classic car at auction is the uncertain selling price. While it’s true that some classic cars can fetch high prices at auction, there’s no guarantee that your car will sell for what you think it’s worth.

The selling price at auction can be affected by many factors, including the condition of the car, the time of day the car is sold, and the competition from other bidders.

Another potential downside of selling your classic car at auction is the lack of control you have over the selling process. When you enter your car into an auction, you’re essentially leaving the sale in the hands of the auction house and the bidders.

Finally, when you sell your classic car at auction, there’s always a risk of damage or fraud. While auction houses take steps to ensure that every sale is legitimate, there have been cases of fraudulent bidders and buyers at classic car auctions.

If you’re hoping for a specific price, not paying upwards of thousands of dollars in fees and are concerned about the safety of your car, auction may not be the best way to achieve that.

Classic Car Consignment

Another option is to consign your classic car. Consignment dealers have the resources and knowledge to advertise and promote your vehicle effectively.

Pros of classic car consignment

You get to set the price when you consign your classic car, you have the freedom and control to set the price that you’re comfortable with.

You’ll get to store it in a facility that the dealership has access to, ensuring that your car will be taken care of and showcased professionally to potential buyers.

Your consignment dealer will take care of all communication with potential buyers, so you don’t have to be bothered while still ensuring that each buyer is a serious candidate.

Finally, consignment dealers have the resources and knowledge to advertise and promote your vehicle effectively.

Cons of classic car consignment

However, on the flip side, consigning your car to a dealership means you might have to wait longer than if you were to sell it to a private buyer or a dealership. Meaning, you only get paid once they have sold your car to its new owner.

Another con is that you’re bound to the consigning dealer for at least three months. This requires a fee to break the contract before the minimum commitment is up.

Transparency is also low on the list here, so finding someone you can trust is essential. You may never really know what amount your car is being sold for.

A consigning dealer can be deceptive, naming one price to the seller and another to the buyer, thereby increasing the money they get to walk away with.

Additionally, there’s always a risk that your car may not sell and you’ll have to retrieve it at the end of the consignment period. This can take time and may require you to pay for storage fees.

Moreover, consigning dealers are not guaranteeing that your car will sell at an acceptable price.

Selling With Affordable Classics San Diego

Another option is to sell with us. When you sell your classic car with us we treat you like family. For us buying and selling classic cars isn’t about the money it’s about watching the legacy live on.

Pros of selling with Affordable Classics San Diego

One of the biggest advantages of selling your classic car with Affordable Classics San Diego is that we offer a hassle-free selling process.

You won’t have to worry about preparing your classic car for sale or dealing with potential buyers. 

We also treat you like family. When you sell your car with us, you can trust that we’ll treat you with the respect and kindness you deserve.

Not only do we pay you a fair price for your classic car, but when the sale is final, we pay you immediately.

By selling your classic car at Affordable Classics San Diego, you’re ensuring that your car will go to a good home.

We have an excellent reputation and have a loyal following of customers who have entrusted us for many years. Your classic car will be appreciated and enjoyed by someone who understands its value and history.

Cons of selling with Affordable Classics San Diego

The only real con to selling with us, is you may not get the price you want if you have your beloved classic car priced emotionally. (Read 5 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Classic Car.


Selling your classic car can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. By working with a trusted dealer like Affordable Classics San Diego, you can ensure you’re getting the best price possible and have a hassle-free experience. With our expertise, transparency, honesty, and passion, you can rest assured that your classic car is selling to a buyer who truly appreciates its value and history. So, if you’re looking to sell your classic car, do consider opting for Affordable Classics San Diego.

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